Monday, 11 August 2008

The deserted Great Keppel Islands

We stopped at Great Keppel Island planning on visiting the resort; we sailed there with visions of eating in a restaurant, fresh bread, and milk and internet access. We walked for over an hour around to the resort from Leeke's Beach only to find out the resort had closed!

Out the front of the deserted resort there were 3 statues of birds, obviously left behind. Simon thought it would be a good idea for me to tickle under the chin of a bird for a photo as they were so life like. As I moved in, I was shocked to see a bird blink - was it my imagination? No, they were in fact live birds. The Curlew is renowned for acting like it's invisible we later found out. It thinks you can't see it if it remains still even with a camera thrust into its face.

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Amanda said...

I experienced that recently with a tawny frogmouth. Didn't notice it on the tree near me and nearly lept out of my skin when it slowly turned its head. It felt like some kind of scene from a horror movie.