Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Bombed at Port Clinton

Port Clinton was not a planned a stop, but with the more beautiful Island Head Creek and Pearl Bay closed for live firing testing by the armed forces, we sought shelter from a storm in the protected waters of the South Arm.

The winds were very light, so despite not having all the rigging set up we decided to try and fly the MPS. We had tried on a few occasions before, with varying degrees of failure from the ludicrous to just plain dangerous! But now we were armed with a 2 page flyer on how to do it courtesy of Rosco, our confidence was high. At last success - we chased down a number of faster boats, putting up a valiant chase but eventually had to admit defeat when the wind veered. Alas, there was one lone boat we managed to overtake nearing the entrance to Port Clinton - the yacht "Absconder".

Our stay at Port Clinton was kind of like being in a war zone, the picture completed by the bleak weather. There were bombs going off in the distance the shudders resonating through the hull, fighter jets and large carrier aircraft flying low overhead and warnings over the VHF regarding laser bombing.

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Amanda said...

I had to google what flying an MPS was before I knew what you were on about here. :)