Friday, 8 August 2008

Gladstone - End of Financial Year

We stopped into Gladstone to catch up on mail and business - all the things we thought we were leaving behind. We also spent some time out up the Narrows in Grahams Creek while waiting for some deliveries. The isolation and good weather encouraged us to tackle some much needed varnishing jobs.

As always there was time for fishing, albeit a little cautiously in the mangroves... our first crocodile territory.

All business taken care of, we stocked up large and headed out to explore the Curtis Coast. We ended up sailing the coast out of reach of shops, mobile and TV for 6 weeks weeks. Now we know why cruisers are never fat! We'll now try and catch up on the wonderful places we explored.

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Amanda said...

Eek, crocodiles? Nice fish though, babe! Guessing you might be back in range of communication then - will try calling over the weekend. xo