Thursday, 3 July 2008

What a fisherman!

We knew no one would believe this story so we have photographic evidence for proof. Let me set the scene. We were at Pancake Creek enjoying a walk over the tidal sand flats.

We were heading back close to the drop off into deep water when a fish leaped out of the water and landed on the sand in front us. It was quite a nice size Qld School Mackeral. If you look closely at the photo you can see the imprint where it landed in the sand. You might even note the surprised but excited look on Simons face.

What were we to do? Putting him back was out of the question so we carried him home for dinner. Speaking of dinner, Simon has a great way of smoking food on the BBQ (if you ever want to try smoking food in your BBQ I’ve included our recipe below.

First fillet the fish removing skin and bones. Soak for at least 20 minutes in Brine. We use sea water for the brine adding some extra salt (salted water is fine) a little bit of sugar and some spices. I use different spices all the time, sometimes garlic, pepper and citrus or else some garlic and tabasco - whatever you have handy - it doesn't create so much flavour so don't stress if you use nothing.

Lay a piece of foil on the BBQ plate. Cover with smoking chips. Put over this a baking tray - the type you cool bread or cakes on. Lay your fish out on the tray, cover the whole lot with foil, put down the lid on the BBQ and turn the heat up. Once it starts smoking turn the heat down to low. About 20 mins (10 mins each side of the fillets) seems to do thick fillets, less for smaller ones - but we're still experimenting.


Mark said...

You guys are doing it tough!! Wish I was up there.

Will try that recipe when I can brave the cold weather down here in Sydney and get out on the yak for a fish.

Mark said...

PS. Watch out for Harleys!

theotherbear said...

I can't see any pancakes there. However, fish jumping out of the water into your laps sounds like a fine plan! I have some smoking chips at home, look forward to trying your recipe. xo