Sunday, 10 August 2008

Our Island - Hummocky

We anchored at Hummocky Island in a snug bay on the northern face of this small rugged island. Simon jumped in as soon as the anchor was down for a refreshing swim ... while removing the dinghy line from around the prop that is!

Lucky for us the swell was so persistent, the one or two boats who tried to stay on "our" island quickly moved on after only a few hours. We felt like Robinson Crusoe and the days quickly passed oystering, diving, snorkelling, braving the rugged hills, exploring sea caves and enjoying fresh fish, jacket potatoes and damper over camp fires watching the sun set.
A dingy trip around the island turned up some fishermen getting Crayfish. What a good idea. We found ourselves a spot and after a discussion on dangers of the various jelly fish swimming by, I sent Simon in. After about 3 minutes the water around him seemed to boil, his body shaking and writhing. He quickly returned sporting a nice sting down the right side of his face. Later research confirmed the "Little Mauve Stinger" is mildly threatening.

Curiosity for what lay ahead soon got the better of us and we sadly departed our island, Hummocky.


Amanda said...

You mean you didn't send him back in anyway to get a crayfish?
The campfires sound like heaven.

Secret Squirrel said...

yep..i woulda sent him back for a crayfish too.
Nawwww poor simon

xox eve xox