Thursday, 18 September 2008

Brampton Island

Simon, despite complaining for the first few months of cruising is now looking for long hikes and Brampton Peak 219m above sea level was one walk not to miss. We packed a picnic and ate looking out over the Whitsunday Islands up ahead.

We discovered some great rock pools on an oystering expedition – the best we’ve seen yet. There was so much to see and explore that the dingy ended up jammed between two rocks when the tide went out. Oops!

We are still catching heaps of fish and collecting oysters with Simon out at 5am most mornings trawling for Queen fish. Here is one of his catches.


Anonymous said...

Nice fish Simon...what was its length? - cant make the tape out.
What type/ make of dingy did you end up getting? Looks like some type of inflatable!?


svthyme said...

Hi Mark, The fish was 110cm long. We got a NZ brand - can't recall the name at the moment - it's alloy hull inflatable. Been great so far.