Thursday, 18 September 2008

Goldsmith Island

At Goldsmith Island Simon caught his biggest fish yet – 110cm Queen fish. It leaped out of the water putting up a great fight, towing the dinghy around the bay!

Si went to show his catch to another vessel that had arrived in the bay, only to find out that they were from Nelson, NZ – SV Virtue. The next evening was the 2nd game in the Bledisloe Cup so after adjusting the aeriel all afternoon, we invited SV Virtue to watch the game.

Until now we had been struggling with baking bread – the time and effort it took and the varying degrees of success. Raylene shared with me a fool proof sourdough starter which makes delicious bread and is much less time and labour intensive. The sourdough starter was created in 1961 on the sailing vessel Journey. I’ve passed it onto many other friends who are now also enjoying the bread. Thanks SV Virtue!

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