Monday, 29 September 2008

Whitsunday Peak

Circling around the Whitsunday’s we’ve got a little lazy and out of the routine of our long hikes. After so many lazy days eating and drinking we decided our bodies needed a challenging walk and had heard Whitsunday Peak would fit the bill. It started from Cid Harbour, Sawmill Bay – we were to follow the Dugong Beach walk until we saw a cut in a tree directing us to turn right, up a track that looked like a watercourse.

It was the steepest, hardest walk we’ve encountered yet and despite the backpack being incredibly heavy, we were grateful for the coffee, water, snacks and lunch within.

I think the biggest torment was rounding a corner believing you were at the top, only to face another steep climb. When we finally arrived at the peak 2 hours later, the view was magnificent – well worth the effort!

We have since recommended the walk to friends, who all agree it’s well worth the effort. In fact, some friends got an extra special view when they came across a French couple celebrating mounting the peak in their own special way. Even Morning Star VII, who climbed the peak on the hottest day of the season, cursing us all the way up were rewarded for their efforts with a cloud free day. The walk down we chose to descend via the river bed – although very steep at times, was a much shorter option taking only an hour to return.

Yes… that is Si wearing thongs yet again despite numerous feet injuries! It’s like water out of ducks arse (is that how it goes Amanda H?)

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