Sunday, 2 November 2008

Next stop Magnetic Island

We pulled into Horseshoe Bay in the afternoon discovering a gorgeous cove with lush forest and giant boulders. We met up with some cruising friends, John and Eddie from Don Quixote and plans were made for a BBQ on the beach the following evening with Don Quixote and Bill and Cheryl from Just Magic.

As the weather was a little blowy, we decided to stay for a few days before going to the Palm Island group further North. We toured the island in the open air bus and survived the heat for a midday walk to the Forts, spotting Koalas in the trees along the way.

Three days later we left for Fantome Island where we over-nighted before heading on to the Eastern side of Hinchinbrook


Amanda said...

Cool photos. Don't think I've ever spotted a koala in the wild. Only drop bears.

Kevin Fletcher said...

Hi Amanda,

Not sure if you'll get this as not familiar with blogs and how to communicate.

Anyway, hoping you do.

Hope the latest voyage is going smoothly. Not sure if you got caught in the westerlies last weekend. Was up Port Stephens regatta - everything on Sunday got cancelled.

Also, thinking of doing Hamo again this year. Are you guys planning to be there, and if so, do you need crew.