Saturday, 1 November 2008

Movin' On

With the last of our guests on their way home, Simon and I were keen to try and make it as far north as we could this season so it was adios Whitsundays, farewell Whitehaven Beach for us.

First stop was Cape Gloucester where was visited the Eco resort for dinner only to be served Basa (Vietnamese Cat Fish). We ate this while watching the local fisherman cruise past heavily loaded down with fresh local catches. When asked as to how our meal was and we mentioned how disappointed we to get Cat fish at the Eco Resort the waitress replied the Chef was to busy to go fishing each day. Good one. However we did enjoy the fabulous sunset.

Next stop was Bowen where we enjoyed a good mix of socialising and stocking up. Even found a wallet and Simon made a point of returning it to the owner at the Pub as he was cashed up and the chances of being rewarded for his kindness in beer was good. He wasn’t disappointed.

Racing along, next stop Cape Upstart for a night, followed by Cape Bowling Green the following day. Simon was desperate to catch a Marlin as all the fisherman had been talking about their great catches… but it wasn’t to be. We instead only caught black tip reef Sharks and Grunter. Lunch was a 3kg Grunter. We used our new drag net for fresh bait which was in abundance. This might have had something to do with the fact that no else was collecting due to crocodiles in the vicinity. Thanks Simon for assuring me that it was OK for me to go on the deep end. I almost crapped myself when a large Turtle swam into the net, but it managed to execute a nice U turn and made off unharmed.

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Amanda said...

You swam in crocodile infested waters? And here I always thought you were a scaredy cat.