Tuesday, 18 November 2008

The TurnAround Point - Dunk Island

After the brown waters of Hinchinbrook, we were keen to make it to our planned turnaround point of Dunk Island and were dreaming of clear tropical waters, white sand and lush rainforests. We weren't disappointed! We might of only spent a few days here but made the most of it, swimming, visiting the resort, fishing, walking and socialising.

We met some lovely people here including Kirsten and Doug from 'Hula Mahal' (means Temple of the Wind) and Carol and Steven from Red Sky - hopefully we will catch up with them again! Of all the islands we have visited, as far as resorts go I think this would have to be my favourite. There are heaps of activities in an absolutely gorgeous location. Simon and I were busy from dawn to dusk and still couldn't fit everything in. Hopefully we will stop here next year.

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Amanda said...

You're turning around? But you're almost at Papua New Guinea!
Let us know where you've decided to ride out the cyclone season.