Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Heading South for Cyclone Season

It was about time we started our journey south to await out cyclone season. We had both been dragging our feet thinking about going back through areas already travelled, but with a northerly forecast we really had to hit the road. The northerly forecast turned out to be a fake and we punched south, continuing overnight to make Cape Upstart the following evening. We were both exhausted, we burnt loads of diesel and the last leg around Cape Bowling Green was the most punishing with some boats turning back. We made it though, and through bleary eyes anchored right next to Red Sky without even seeing them!

The next morning we were up at 6am and departed in company with Red Sky. It wasn't long though before they were a rapidly disappearing speck on the horizon in their fast race boat. Beating again into a southeaster that should have been a nor'easter we were asking ourselves what were were doing out here! The seas continued to rise and soon I knew what "shipping water" meant with the decks awash and Simon drenched at the helm. Unfortunately the self-steering decided not to play ball so Simon spent 9 hours hand steering soaked to the bone. At one stage he commented, "now I'm really pissed off, my undies are wet".

We finally limped into Bowen to find our friends Alan and Angela anchored outside the harbour. Alan and Angela quickly whipped into action to relieve our weary bodies and spirits, picking us up for a delicious dinner aboard Keimar. Well fed and spirits revived, they dropped us home where we fell into a deep sleep. Up again the following morning we carried onto the beautiful Bona Bay on Gloucester Island. It was now only around the corner to the Whitsundays so we took a break and enjoyed good company in beautiful surroundings!

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Amanda said...

His undies weren't wet because the decks were washed with water. Nooo.