Monday, 29 June 2009

The Escape River

We entered the Escape River with ease and found a nice calm anchorage. While putting the motor on the outboard Simon lost his favorite spanner over the side. To cheer himself up he headed off in the inflatable for a spot of fishing. Shortly after his return we had a visit from the local pearl farmer who gave him a stern warning about cruising around in “that thing”. It went something like, “can’t you folk read, there’s man eating crocs or something”… blah blah blah. Si thinks maybe he was too close to stumbling across a top secret area the farmer might have. Hopefully “that thing” will cope when we get further north…

The following day started successfully – a good sign for a Cape rounding. Si had dangled a magnet over the edge on a string in the hope that during the night it would pick up his spanner – and believe it or not, it worked! Another good omen for the day was the 2 double yolks we cracked at breakfast time.

With things so clearly going our way, First Mate Sloop decided to take the helm as we trundled towards the Albany Passage. Fingers crossed we’ve worked the tides out ok – the 6 other boats in the anchorage disagreed and left 4 hours before us! Either way Cape York here we come.


Amanda said...

Double yolkers! Yum! As I am sure you can imagine, I love those. Less of that nasty white to deal with.

Love the photo of Sloop.

Anonymous said...

Good to see someone is in charge of that boat and captain Sloop still makes the final decisions.