Saturday, 27 June 2009

Indian Bay Hike

After catching up on chores and baking we headed ashore to explore. The hike over the saddle in the headland to Indian Bay was marked with ‘blue things’. It seems cruisers collect blue bits of rubbish from Indian Beach which faces the sou’easterly trades to decorate and mark a rugged trail through the bush.

There is no other word to describe Indian Bay except rugged. The strong sou’easter creates a haze reducing visibility and the wind is wild. Did we really sail in this yesterday??? From shore it certainly looks daunting. The outgoing tide creates small pools trapping the loads of fish, rays and sharks that populate the area.

I described the beach as rugged, but it’s by no means untouched. Unfortunately the high tide mark is strewn with rubbish obviously lost or carelessly discarded from container ships, cruise ships and fishing boats. You’d be forgiven from thinking you were in Asia. All the hype over multinational sponsored feel good days like clean up Australia Day, when there is so much wildlife at risk from this serious rubbish problem. It might be out of sight from the general population, but it’s no less important! We even saw a 200ltr drum of oil soon to be split open and a rear axle with tyres. The area’s also infested with feral pigs. On a positive note, we did find a good fishing lure and some quirky toy legs to help mark the bush trail… amongst other things. It does seem statistically more right footed thongs are lost than left???

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