Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Port Douglas Carnivale

We were lucky enough to catch up with our friends Jo and Craig and their girls Molly, Nicky and Shioban while they were holidaying on the north coast (you might recall Jo from the 2007 Mothers Day tongue rolling post). It was perfect timing as Port Douglas Carnivale was on and there was plenty to do. We enjoyed the markets, the seafood festival and best of all the bull riding rodeo. The rodeo was excellent. We sat down near the front and Jo and I went home hoarse from yelling our support for the brave young guys who try to ride these huge angry beasts. Simon also showed off his tropical survival skills opening a coconut for the girls.

Jo took some great photos which I’ll post when I get hold of them. On the topic of photos, our camera sadly broke while we were diving and most of the photos were ruined. Following are some that were partially recovered…

After Port Douglas we sailed in increasing winds to Cooktown. By the time we arrived it was about 30 knots and we casually sailed into the harbour with our sails still up and promptly bumped across the bottom in the shallow harbour. There was really nowhere to anchor so we headed back to the swing basin and stayed there for the night before leaving in the morning. Our friends off Stardancer were leaving Lizard the next day and we were keen to see them before they headed off to Asia.

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Amanda said...

Sorry to hear about the camera! Jo's head seems to have migrated to a person in the distance's shoulders, giving her the look of a hobbit or something.