Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Lizard Island

Lizard Island is commonly known as Blizzard Lizard due to the strong trade winds that blow endlessly from April to October and we weren’t disappointed. There was heaps to do and we got stuck straight into action with drinks at the resort staff bar to watch the State of Origin match. The locals got a little excited much to the amusement of the foreign sailors who were inexperienced in Australian league etiquette.

We took the walk up to Cook’s Look. This is the lookout from which Captain Cook found a way out of the Great Barrier Reef and from here we spied the Cod Hole, a famed dive site and a spot we were keen to get out to.

Unfortunately we have more ruined pictures…
The rest of the time at Lizard we spent exploring and snorkeling on the reef near the boat. We also made good use of the well where we had to hand pump water to do our washing – fresh sheets mmm.

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Amanda said...

Hmm. The first photo must be the ghost of captain cook, masquerading as a girl?

Who did you go for in the state of origin?