Sunday, 5 July 2009

History and Nature

I really wanted to stop at Possession Island to stand where Captain Cook stood in 1770 to claim the whole Eastern Coast of Australia. Simon was also keep to stop, although his interest was in the bat cave above the Cook monument.

The bat cave looked a little to dangerous for me, so equipped with headlamp, torch and camera Simon set off into the dark smelly confines of the cave. After a lot of bat noises, he exited the cave complaining it smelt to bad to go far however we did manage to get a photo.

Possession Island was a really beautiful and interesting place to visit. Exploring the beach the following day we saw that during the night a turtle or two had come up the beach to lay their eggs. We also checked out the giant termite nests.


Amanda said...

I can imagine just how bad that cave smelt, having been in a bat cave previously. The hairs on your nose shrivel and die.

Secret Squirrel said...

Hey guys, sorry that I have not commented for a while I have been reading you through my feeds thingy!
I am enjoying your adventures...and I am still jealous. A great friend of mine just returned from living on Thursday Island...he got very fat and became and expert home brewer whilst there..I did not realise the prices were so high there..he probably lived on beer alone...this also explains, drinking problem that he returned with.
Stay safe and love to you both.
xox eve xox

Anonymous said...

those termite mounds, crocs and turtle nests bring back memories. Give Gove a wave for me on your way by...if you get close. fabulous fishing and nature there.