Tuesday, 7 July 2009


Our next stop was Seisia, which is the coastal port for the town of Bamaga. Interestingly it takes its name from the Saibai Islanders who settled here in the 1940’s when they sailed here on their pearl lugger “Seisia”. The name is derived from the first letter of the names of six brothers, Saguakaz, Elu, Isua, Suni, Ibuai and Aken.

Again the heat and clear aqua water was screaming SWIM – but the memorial to the teacher taken in the 80’s by a croc was warning enough for us. Not so apparently for the local kids who swam, jumped, splashed and played for hours in the shallows.

We enjoyed a night out at the local fishing club where a local band played and cold beer was plentiful. We stocked up the next day at the only Supermarket in town, offloaded some Mackerel to campers at the local campground and headed south into the Gulf… with the lines back out.

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Amanda said...

Oh man, to be in such a gorgeous place and not be able to swim. I think we have established that the top end would not be my ideal place to live, although I need to go visit!