Friday, 13 November 2009

Day 2 King George River

Keen to take Thyme right under the twin waterfalls at the head of the river, we motored up the King George early the following morning. Ahh, the peace, the solitude, the isolation… the what!!! A big powerboat motored past us with a helicopter on top and tourists videoing us like we were part of the scenery!

Despite the company, the twin waterfalls were awesome, even without water!

I managed to convince Simon that the lure of another possible swim at the top of the falls was worth the steep hike to the top, even with a sore back. About an hour later hot sweaty and on the top, we discovered there was no running water; only stagnant pools this late in the dry season. Damn, damn… I might never be able to swim again was running thru my head! At least the scenery was amazing.

We were both disappointed we couldn’t stay longer, but with the tide it was out tomorrow or remain in the river for another month! I’m guessing we’ll come back this way…

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Amanda said...

Wow. Looks fantrastic. I bet you were tempted to stay a month!