Saturday, 14 November 2009

Heading West – Late August

The Kimberlies sort of looks like a number of fingers with the bays between the fingers consisting of lots of little bays – that’s technical navigator talk. After leaving the King George we hopped west, passing WA’s most northern point Cape Londonderry, before entering Napier Broome Bay.

Filled with confidence after our successful King George mission we headed straight into the Drysdale River planning on a spot of Barra fishing. We quickly found the bottom of the channel forcing us to re-think our anchorage and settle for Curran Point instead. Mmm, maybe we’ll sound the channel in the dinghy next time!

We awoke bright and early the following morning, packed a picnic and headed off in the dinghy with grand plans of cruising up the river to the fresh water falls, enjoying a bit of a hike and a swim before cruising back down on the ebb trolling for barra. About 30 mins into the 2 hour journey Simon realized his back was not up to the task and disappointed we headed back to the dinghy. The accident while making the pig trap is still causing Si much grief!

To cheer ourselves up, we decided to head over to Governor Island where we could maybe fish from the shore. Well, the trip certainly cheered me up. I caught a 5kg Golden Trevally on my baby eggbeater rod with 2kg line on it! The fish put up quite a fight and towed me around the bay for 15mins before I could get it in. We stayed for another 2 days to see if Simon could get one… but it seems his fishing skills are just not in my league – ha ha!

We had such a lovely little protected anchorage at West Governor Island we decided to stay for a few days. Over a few beers one evening – the time when all the best ideas are formed, Simon came up with the idea of “Operation Cool down”. Using bits and pieces hidden in lockers, and with a helping hand from the cats we managed to make a wind catcher and adapt our old deck shade to fit around the new cockpit. It certainly cooled the boat down as the temps are now over 30 everyday and the humidity is rising.


Amanda said...

great photos. I love it when you catch a big fish and Si fails. Sorry, Simon!

Ken said...

Have you seen the barra photo ??? Simon caught it, unbelievable!! but us males stick together. Ken

svthyme said...

Don't beleive a word of it - I caught the Barra! ... and the threadfin!
Very tricky on the PC Ken.