Sunday, 15 November 2009

Hello… is anybody out there – End of August

Hearing some radio chatter coming from West Bay we decided to head over there and see if we could spot some human life form. This was also the location of the old World War II Truscott Air base and we wandered around the site spotting old cars and machinery used during the war. I also spotted my first boab tree of the Kimberlies. Si had caught a nice big Mackeral on the way over – who knows, maybe we could trade some fish for a bag of rubbish?

Walking along the bush track we spotted… could it be… are we seeing things… is it a mirage… it’s a phone! Right here in the middle of the bush. What else could a girl do but pick it up? I managed to convince the voice on the other end that some fresh mackeral was a fair trade for him to pick us up from the shore, drive us the 10k’s over a bumpy track to the base, allow us to use his phone before returning us back to the boat. I managed to get a quick call into my parents letting them know we were still alive – a bargain price!

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Amanda said...

Ha ha - that makes me laugh, I can just see you guys convincing them to come and get you so you can call home.

So what was he doing out there - who did he work for?