Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Jar Island Bradshaws – Beginning of September

We explored the shoreline only a short while before we found signs of a trail – surely this will lead us to the artwork? A few wrong turns later we stumbled across a cave filled with art. It was awesome!!! It was really amazing to be standing in front of this ancient artwork, probably in the caves that housed families and overlooked the same untouched scenery we were now seeing. Here is a sample of some of the art work, which is really well preserved.

This was a highlight of the trip so far for me. I love this style of artwork that is so feminine and the scenes look like those of celebration and dancing.

The anchorage not being so great in the afternoon westerlies we carefully picked our way back out of the bay and into charted waters again heading for Freshwater Bay. It’s been voted by cruisers as the best bay in the Kimberlies – wonder what all the fuss is about?

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Amanda said...

Fantastic artwork mate - gee it has held its' colour well!