Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Stocktake – early September

It was about this time, our fourth week out that we started to do a bit of a stocktake. There is no shops out here – no one to ask for assistance – it’s just us and what we’ve brought!

We’ve already had a fairly disappointing breakage for which we have no spare. The first day out, we tore off our nav light lens cover and watched it quickly sink when pulling out the headsail. The only green thing we could find was a Coles bag, so we taped a Coles bag over it and will just need to be super cautious while traveling at night!

Loo paper was the starting point for the stocktake conversation. It appears if we only use 2 rolls a week, by late November we’ll be looking for some soft grasses or paperbark! It’s amazing the direction the conversation can take when discussing how to minimize usage and who uses the most. Simon now marks each roll with black texta into days – man this is tough!!! I do stand firmly by my argument that girls and boys should not get an equal allotment! Si’s just now counting how many squares in the different brands – ohhh… god help me!

Eggs, wine, flour and milk are the other sources of concern. Fresh fruit and veg are all but gone so I guess we don’t need to worry about them now. We’ve counted our frozen meats and estimate we have supplies for 35 meals – that leaves about 35 for us to catch! After days of no luck fishing we immediately sent out a hunting and gathering party. Lucky for us, it only requires a low tide to get oysters and we managed to collect 8 doz gigantic specimens.


not game said...

oysters, wine, what's next

Amanda said...

Yum, those oysters look fantastic! You could make a carpetbag oyster - large oyster stuffed with little ones ;)