Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Mitchell River – crocs – early to mid September

Mitchell River was literally buzzing with crocs. Everywhere we turned there was one. Little baby’s from 30cms to big man eating ones. We were drift fishing at low tide one afternoon and had passed by some large boulders well over 2mtrs out of the water when Si pointed out the we had drifted right passed one thermoregulating on the warm rock. He must have slept through the tide and been waiting for the next high to get down.

We also nearly walked over some in the freshwater section of the river. These guys were also dozing in the sun – as was the really big guy who minded the dinghy for us!

We managed to get some shots for your viewing pleasure, risking life and limb – no just joking – these guys were as wary of us as we were of them - not that we tried pushing the friendship!


Amanda said...

Yikes they would scare the bejeesus out of me.

Ken said...

Plastic dinghys can puncture very easily, so I am glad you were careful and by the look of 3 of the photos, kept your distance.