Thursday, 26 November 2009

Mitchell River – Seabird Creek – Mid September

With Spring tides approaching we made our way back downstream to visit Seabird Creek for a spot of fishing and exploring before leaving the mud banks and mangroves of the Mitchell. Now a little more savvy on the rock bars we secured the dinghy and headed up the creek in search of freshwater. I searched for miles for a clean pool as I was dying to wash my hair and we were nearly out of water not being able to run the desal in the river. The walk was worthwhile as the scenery and wildlife was amazing. Rock gullies, freshwater pools, kangaroos, birds, lizards and an endless horizon of bush and rock. Si wouldn’t brave the water city slicker he’s become, but it was clean cool and refreshing and even my clothes managed to get a wash!

On the way back Simon was wondering if there would be any aboriginal rock art around and started looking under some rocks. I laughed thinking, as if! He hesitated and called me back saying I think there’s something here. True enough there was some art and some shell midden. It’s true – the Kimberlies is the last frontier and the possibilities for discovery are endless!

We were both sad to leave the Mitchell River as we had enjoyed taking the time out to really explore. Saying this we were much looking forward to a sea breeze, the endless blue horizon and some outer island exploring.


Anonymous said...

Seabird creek is a great spot for a barra. Did you get any onto the plate. No photos!!!

svthyme said...

Dropped 6 - landed none. Almost broke Barra Ken's record! Don't worry there are some plate shots coming - we're just honing our skills.