Saturday, 28 November 2009

Montague Sound – late September

With time marching on and fuel dwindling we departed in the dark the following morning to catch the tide around to Montague Sound. We were a teeny bit late for the tide and after weeks in calm waters I unusually got quite queasy as we bumped and jumped through the washing machine of Cape Voltaire. I was relieved when we finally arrived at East Montalivet Island and my stomach settled down. It was so nice to be in clear blue water, offshore breezes, reef and white sand that we ended up staying 2 days.

We’ve now been out 7 weeks and could count on one hand the amount of people we’ve spoken too. Food stores are still going well – Simon just baked some of the most fluffy cheese and olive bread rolls for lunch – Golden Fingers has still got the touch! The only worry is Theo. He’s been lethargic, anti social (very out of character), he’s not been eating or drinking, nor going to the bathroom. I’m really worried as he doesn’t carry much weight and only after a few days he’s skin and bones. He had better start eating soon! I miss my family and friends a great deal, all the more as we have no communication at all. Most days reception is so poor we can’t even get the news on the HF radio… oh what I’d do for sat phone right now!

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