Friday, 27 November 2009

Walmsley Bay and North – “Barra B” – Mid Sepetmber

As we were coming out the river (successfully although a bit of a hike against the tide) a fishing boat we had chatted to days earlier called us up and asked if we wanted to travel with them further north from the Mitchell River. We were dead keen for some company and with a name like Barra B they must know a thing about catching Barra. We anchored in a nice bay a bit further north and Ken took us out in his big aluminium fast tender for some fishing. These guys definitely knew what they were doing – we caught more fish in 2 days under Ken’s guidance than we had in the last week! I’m still recovering from when he threw my HUGE Trevally over the side, despite Robbie and Corrie (also on Barra B) asking why I’d want to keep a dirty Trevally anyway? I guess that’s what happens once your used to Barra…. I wouldn’t know…

Robbie had us over for a huge rump and fresh veges for dinner on Barra B and we shared a few brews and tall tales. Not sure what to take for dinner I made a lentil salad – Robbie and Corrie were very amused during dinner saying, “Quick, take my photo, I’m eating lentils”! The company was great and we enjoyed a good laugh. We learnt heaps from Ken, who we’ve nick named “Barra Ken” and we were even lucky enough to watch him in action catching a gigantic Barra. Still chasing the elusive fish – here’s a pitcture of the one Simon caught, trust me, it’s not taken from the back deck of Barra B, it’s definitely not just come out of their chiller and it was honesty not just caught that day by professionals – promise. I can most definitely assure you that it was so big when I was asked to hold it, it almost took me down!

What’s that thing on Simon’s face I hear you ask. Well I’m not sure – but I hope it washes off soon!

We were sad to farewell Barra B but will hopefully catch them around in Prince Frederick Harbour for some more laughs. In the meantime we’ve scored a great book swap with Barra B and are stocked up for weeks of good reading.


Anonymous said...

Good barra. Simon looks fine.
Ken did the right thing by releasing THE trevally.
Seems like these fishos are absolutely fantastic guys.
Stop reading and let me see an Amanda/barra photo.

Amanda said...

Wonder if Si has shaved that hideous thing off yet.
Great fishing, guys!

Barra Ken said...

Thanks Anon about the trev and the compliment. I know that the barra photo is coming. Now I am known as Barra Ken--The good looking gut with the "washed Face"

Anonymous said...

I think Barra Ken used the white shaving cream but forgot to use the razor!