Sunday, 13 December 2009

Hunter River – mid October

Well the build up to cyclone season seems to have started. The temps and humidity has gone thru the roof and clouds build up on the horizon most afternoons. Last night we had an electrical storm pass over us with torrential rain and strong winds. It lasted about an hour or so but for a few minutes all hell broke loose as the worst passed over. The wind was howling, the wind generator screaming with gusts over 40knots. Before we knew it the storm passed and we were back in bed enjoying the cool… that’s if you call 32 degrees cool at 4am??? I see this as a sign that cyclone season is arriving and are keen to start making tracks.

The Hunter River is meant to be one of the prettiest areas although unfortunately it was blowing 20knots when we entered the river shrouding the steep cliffs with smoke from hopefully distant bush fires. Simon has headed upstream for a spot of fishing, practicing all he’s learnt from Barra Ken. It’s seems his intensive training paid off as he hauled in a 106cm Barra. The fight was not without a struggle, the Barra losing his life to huge beautiful fillets in our freezer, us less one landing net and 2 holes in the inflatable dinghy and a gash in Simons foot. Si insists it was well worth it to be part of the metre club.


Amanda said...

hmm, must be an addictive fish to catch if it's still worth it with a gash, lost landing net AND 2 holes on the dinghy (!!!). Especially since they aren't your favourite eating fish!

Barra Ken said...

Great fish. I must be a good teacher because I have never landed a barra that big.