Friday, 11 December 2009

Prince Frederick Harbour – early to mid october

We had another good sail around to Prince Frederick Harbour conserving our precious store of fuel. En route we managed to talk to Barra B on the VHF and agreed to meet up at Naturalist Island – yeah – company! Barra Ken was keen for a spot of fishing so out we headed collecting live bait and hauling in the fish.

We couldn’t refuse the offer to follow Barra B around Prince Frederick Harbour. We were enjoying their company, having heaps of fun fishing and we were visiting places in the Kimberlies where no one else goes. Places like the Roe River described in our guide as dangerous and other uncharted creeks and bays – what a great opportunity to see this picturesque harbour. Ken also spoke of top secret fishing spots where Barramundi and crocs were prolific.

Our life became days of catching the tide from bay to creek, up before dawn chasing Barra, long hot afternoons in the sun burning our buts on the aluminium dinghy, cold beers in the afternoon with a shared meal on Thyme or Barra B. Ken or Corrie would surprise us on some trips with “lollies” – pulling out a bag of green apples or an orange each. After not seeing fresh fruit for weeks and weeks they tasted like heaven!

The fish didn’t disappoint and we hauled in Barra, Mangrove Jack, Fingermark (Tropical snapper), a real Threadfin Salmon, Cod, Javelin fish and unfortunately many cat fish. Simon got spiked by one of the cat fish and his hand painfully swelled up – it didn’t slow down his fishing though! Ken has an insatiable appetite for fishing and his skill was rubbing off on us. We’ve caught more fish – and I’m talking big fish, than we ever have in our life. I’ve now landed 5 Barra’s and while we couldn’t keep them all we have frozen our bag limits.

Barra are an elusive fish to catch and while they don’t taste as good as fingermark (ok ok – it’s just my personal opinion) once you’ve caught one you just want to see more jump out of the water on the end of your line! I’m living in the same dirty bait and mud stained clothes which no amount of scrubbing can clean, I’ve been eaten by sand flies, can clean and gut my fish and bait my hook and deliver a death blow to the head with a club within seconds of landing it… who am I??? The guys on Barra B call me BarraManda.

Here's a chance shot I managed to get of Barra Ken in action early one morning.


Amanda said...

OK, now I am impressed.

I am also surprised Amanda is cleaning her own, finally - I have only seen Si do it for her.

Go, BarraManda!

The other mother said...

Yeah, go Barramanda, the photos are fantastic and those fish are certainly worth the big grins.

Anonymous said...

Barramanda,I think you caught all these fish on the same day, with photos taken from different directions-- the give-away--the same pink shirt and the same fine days???

svthyme said...

Well you can say that while looking at a photo but standing next to me you might think it was a bit high.