Saturday, 26 December 2009

Marina Life

A few days before starting work we headed up the creek for our first experience entering Darwin’s lock marina, our new home, Bayview. We again pushed the tides, heading up the creek a little earlier than most, just scraping into the lock. It was quite exciting as the lock filled up with water before gently releasing us into our calm, swell, wave free, 240 volt supplied, running water and hopefully safe home!

Once in the marina any mere breath of air we had hopefully called a breeze instantly disappeared and even the tight Kiwi piped up – let’s go and get an air-con… now. After throwing the trading post down in disgust for the 3rd week in a row (apparently people don’t want to sell their air-con in summer!) we headed to the Good Guys and bought the biggest unit we could find. Our fellow Kiwi mate on Tookawhile directed us to some old For Sale signs (coreflute material), which we used to build a cheap but effective box above our forward hatch. Si also managed to get the Good Guys to throw in a fan for us so now we were armed, dangerous and obnoxiously programmed to 16 Deg C!

The first night in the marina, surprise, surprise, Sloop disappeared. In the morning he reappeared with a black eye, cut and scratches. Not willing to risk infection with his swollen eye there was nothing for it but a visit to the vet. Humorously, the vet advised he must be a fighter – fighters apparently get face cuts, while runners get hind damage.

It was great to catch up with our friends from the East coast, Doug and Kirsten on Huwa Mahal (not Hole in my Hull as frequently confused) and Jeff and Cheryl from Tookawhile. Everyone on the marina is really nice and already it feels like home. We shared a marina xmas party with a Secret Santa sack comprising of useful and thoughtful gifts, all under $5 that only fellow yachties could think of!

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Amanda said...

That is pretty cool, the lock thing that is.