Thursday, 24 December 2009

Welcome Home - Darwin

The build up to the monsoon in Darwin was just as everyone predicted – steamy! Anchored in Frances Bay was unbearably hot; I’ve never been so hot in my entire life. Luckily the wave pool was just a short dingy ride away and still playing tourists we were making the most of it… in between job interviews that is.

Still keen to do some inland sight seeing I was scouring the car guides for a cheap 4WD. My only real criteria were price and of course air conditioning. Luckily we found one and took the risk on registering in Darwin – the risk paid off and we were now the proud owners of a bargain Holden Jackaroo. I know, I know, Simon’s driving a Holden. He justifies it to himself by calling it an Isuzu as that’s whats under the bonnet.


Barra Ken said...

Xmas--confession time--I am Anon AND Barra Ken. Just thought 2 extra replies and a laugh, to their fantastic Kimberley tales would lift their LOW egos-AS IF.(where did that quote come from??

Amanda said...

Ha ha ha!