Saturday, 19 December 2009

Pedal to metal – Eastward bound

We had not traveled thru Scott Straight on the way over as the tides were bad and let’s face it the intricate path through reefs was not enticing. Robbie showed us on the chart his rock – one he had hit on a previous trip and we thought who better to follow than someone who had up close info on where the reefs are! We were pushing hard to keep up with Barra B’s freshly cleaned props, even with a good breeze!

We stopped at Cape Bougaineville with Barra B then opted for the slower tourist route home and farewelled them on their way to the King George early the next morning. We meanwhile hot tailed it to Freshwater Bay for a final feast of monster sized oysters. A kiwi thru and thru even Simon admitted, “they think bluff oysters are big!”

We weaved back past middle rock, overnighting at Sir Graham Moore Island before catching the tide to the entrance of the King George River around the infamous Cape Londonderry. Again up at sunrise, to bed at sunset.

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Amanda said...

Those oysters would make divine mornay oysters.