Friday, 18 December 2009

Murringingi – early November

Despite it being stinger season, in croc territory and having seen heaps of huge sharks – Si and Corrie thought it would be a good idea to get in the water and clean the props before heading further East. There’s a lawn growing on the side of our boat and who knows what else is under the hull. Si donned his full length thermals – top and bottom and thick wool socks before jumping in. I paced the decks on lookout with a speargun in hand. Luckily both boats were cleaned and the mad divers back aboard without mishap. It was another early morning departure as we still have a lot of miles to cover.


Barra Ken said...

There was a croc living on/near the Murrungingi island. Hope you caught some spanish mackeral and coral trout from the island s' channel.

Amanda said...

He really just wanted a swim and couldn't care less about the stingers (although I am glad you had a speargun for any crocs floating by!)