Thursday, 3 December 2009

Prince Regent River – Beginning October (8 weeks out – seen 2 boats!)

Even though Spring tides had not yet arrived we decided to brave entering the Prince Regent River and were pleasantly surprised by deep water all the way in with just a few reefs to avoid. We found a nice spot to anchor out of the current with plans of barra fishing and exploring.

The following morning bright and early we headed off in the dinghy for the 2mile trip up Camp Creek. We had heard there was fresh water pools and we were dying for a cool down. The temps here have reached new heights – everything is hot – even the soap is warm when you shower, your water bottle is like drinking tea and you could almost fry an egg on the deck! I’ve taken to drinking iced tea which I have to double stubby holder to try and keep cool as only minutes out of the fridge it tastes warm. The cats are now being cooled by a sophisticated method we call the “wet belly cool down”. We wet the skin and fur in between their hind legs under the guise of a pat– apparently the best area for cooling and then sit them somewhere shady with a breeze if possible. Seems to work so far.

After arriving at the rockbar, we quickly tied the dinghy safely – now experts with rockbars and large tides and hiked off along the creek. It was a beautiful walk alongside the creek and around beautiful freshwater lagoons. Oh, I should mention Simon caught a huge Barra just before tying up which we lost while trying to land without a net. Damn Barra!

Not happy with a swim in the low lying lagoons we trudged up past the first waterfall convinced there would be a better pool up the top. Our efforts paid off and with the thermometer saying 35.6 degrees it didn’t take much convincing to dive into the pool at the upper falls.


Anonymous said...

After dropping another barra, I would bet Simon was hot- so needed the cooling treatment!!!!

Barra Ken said...

Just to see the spring fed Kimberley streams would have a cooling effect in this paradise

svthyme said...

All right - I think I know who Anon is. It's someone from Barra B!

Amanda said...

No crocs there, obviously.
Looks fantastic!