Saturday, 5 December 2009

Prince Regent River – Kings Cascades - Beginning October

Despite being over half way thru our fuel, how could we come all the way to the Prince Regent River and not visit the highlight – Kings Cascades? The first day we attempted to get up stream to the falls there was not enough water to cross the sandbanks so we occupied ourselves with some gardening, rope mat making and of course Barra fishing to await the bigger tide tomorrow. Simon is becoming more successful at Barra fishing now and the freezer is starting to fill up for the wet season. Yes, that is a moustache on Simons face… his new look apparently???

The next day, again after many toilet stops we headed up to see Kings Cascades riding the big spring tide. It went without a hitch and we had just enough water to get into the basin and anchor right in front of the falls. We think there must be bad fires nearby as visibility today is really bad – which explains the haze in all the pics. Being a scorcher Simon wasted no time jumping under the falls for a cool down.

We hiked to the top for a swim in the lagoon where the water was so clean and clear. Unfortunately we could only stay for a quick stop as we needed to catch the falling tide back out to avoid being stranded the night on a sand bank. The swim in cool water made it well worthwhile!


Barra Ken said...

I was thinking the same about anon.I hope you are careful of the snakes in the grass around the Prince Regent water holes and the rest of the Kimberley area.

svthyme said...

Mmm... they claimed internet ignorance when questioned but I'm not so sure!
Never saw any snakes in the grass thank god!

Amanda said...

wow, that last photo gives a great idea of where you 'parked'.