Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Rainforest Ravine – beginnng November – over 12 weeks out

We’ve now been out for over 12 weeks and haven’t yet starved to death! We are now homeward (???) bound stopping and exploring along the way. We’ve set aside an emergency starvation pack in case food stores get too low. It includes delicacies such as Spam and tinned cauliflower – I’m guessing they’ll become delicacies if your hungry enough! We’ve kept a list of supplies which now has more scribbles than ticks. Theo’s keeping and eye on the log and counting down the miles to Darwin!

Our first stop on the trip back east to Darwin was Rainforest Ravine. In the midst of all the hot red cliffs and dry landscape, up a ravine we found a lush tropical oasis with fresh water, lush ferns, dense tree canopy and zillions of birds. Desperate for a swim I jumped straight in… to the 4 inches of water that is and lay down in the cool running stream. Ahh… relief from the heat!

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Amanda said...

tinned cauli - a delicacy? Blech. As far as SPAM goes - insert dry retching here. :)