Thursday, 17 December 2009

Crystal Beach – early November

In company with Barra B we headed to York Sound where we explored the many little coves and creeks. Upon one beach we found cliff faces filled with small caverns of crystals. Some had washed up on the beach as well and Simon picked up a few. I think this was a highlight for him as I often catch him opening his precious pouch and gazing at his little hoard of crsytals. Interestingly every one is six sided… mmm nature is an incredible force.

Si was hoping to wangle another ten bucks from my dad on the Wallabies All Blacks game and hoisted his much loved, well used NZ flag in support for his team… it was also an attempt to get a rise from our Aussie neighbours.

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Barra Ken said...

If Simon want's to gamble against us Aussies, he might be able to pass the crystals off as diamonds to an Aussie lady!!!!