Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Into the Wilderness

With a few days off work, we decided it was high time we explored some of Darwin's surrounds before the monsoon set in. We awoke early, packed a picnic and headed off down the Stuart Highway with no particular destination in mind.

Our first stop was Berry Springs were we found the swimming holes closed due to the wet. We weren't so easily deterred though and and with our bush walking thongs on, we set off for a stroll in the country. Fighting our way through cobwebs, wetlands filled with mosquito's and boggy ground, we finally straggled back to the car hot and sweaty.

Not to be deterred we turned the air-con up to full blast and headed back to the highway. Driving blindly (someone forgot the maps), we were relieved to find a tourist information sign. Arnhem Highway looks good - next stop Fogg Dam. Being the beginning of the wet we were lucky to see an ocean of lily pads and flowers, beautiful wetland scenery with plenty of bird varieties.

1 comment:

Amanda said...

Bushwalking thongs eh? Are they different to your normal ones?
Also, Does Simon do this too or does he put his tramping jandals on? :)