Thursday, 7 January 2010

A Good Life

I remember only too clearly how I felt when I was in the weekly work grind, living in a busy city, running from here to there, feeling there was not much more to life than work, and taking no pleasure in the simple life. Cruising has given us the opportunity to take a step back, change priorities, slow down and enjoy life... smell the roses. Here I am relaxing on my day off eating ice-cream and cholcolate sauce in the pool... while enjoying a beer and reading a magazine!

Si being a bit more task oriented than I is making the most of living in a house, enjoying mowing the lawn and cleaning the pool, only to stand back and admire the result. Here is Simon mowing around the beautiful Boab tree out the front and chopping down some stray palm fronds.


Amanda said...

I spot a beer crime in progress.

(really, Amanda... beer and ICE CREAM?)

Simon, please come and visit, my lawn needs mowing.

Anonymous said...

Beware all this domesticity might lead to buying a car and getting a job.