Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Amandas Visit

Amanda has arrived in Darwin and what better way to introduce her to some northern territory culture than an evening at the Mud Racing. Yes, you heard it right – mud racing. Cars charging around a track spraying the spectators with mud! The territory even put on a spectacular show of fireworks – well worth the effort given half the population was there.

After all the excitement of mud racing, we thought a little bush time might be order. Simon was bit off colour so the three of us, Amanda, Amanda and Stuart headed down to Katherine to go exploring. After getting settled in our little mobile home we began planning our Nitmiluk Adventure.


Amanda said...

The most exciting part about mud racing, well two parts really:
1. seeing Simon so excited about something so very silly. That still makes me laugh out loud. Mud racing? HA!
2. sneaking beers in to aforementioned mud racing. Perhaps that is why it was so funny. Thanks guys, this afternoon just summed up the NT for me. :)

Amanda said...

Also? Stuart tells me (I did know but did not notice) tells me you spelt his name wrong. I was too busy looking at the pictures.