Monday, 22 February 2010

It's been a while...

I’ve been getting a bit of a hurry up from my mate Arthur in Sydney to update the blog – Arthur – getting off the topic, is a champion coffee roaster. For those of you who know us well, know we love our coffee, grinding beans every morning and fighting over the last cup in the plunger! Well, we’ve found a top brew – great work Arthur! Check out his web site for some fantastic coffee –

Our time in Darwin has become decidedly wet! Amanda’s coming to visit in a few weeks and I’m wondering how she’ll cope. It’s so wet mushrooms are sprouting up everywhere… among other things!

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Amanda said...

Today it was about 40C at my place. I walked home from the station and thought "Pfft, this is nothing!" (compared to Darwin - which I have heard is hotter and humid-er of late! Eek!)