Monday, 1 March 2010


After the Katherine hike I was determined to do the iconic Jatbula trail – 5 days and 66km from Nitmiluk to Edith Falls. To this end I’d pestered Simon for weeks to buy me a hiking tent for my birthday. He tried to put me off, borrowing books like “Don’t Die in the Bush” from the local library but persistent as I am I finally got my tent and was now wearing him down to go camping and try it out.

With a date set, a late drop out (5mins before departure) from friends could not dampen our spirits. We headed out of Darwin on a steamy hot day with monsoonal looking clouds building on the horizon – please don’t rain!

With a camp site picked, it was time for me to set up the tent. Mmm, I’ve never done this before. Why does Simon think running around taking photos is constructive? When the damn thing was up we pumped up our pool toys and took the short walk to the falls for some cooling off.

We tumbled around under the falls on our toys all afternoon.

Before returning to camp for a cold beer and a BBQ. Luckily despite the clouds still building we managed to enjoy our BBQ and sit around the campfire before the rain hit. We fell asleep, on our 8mm bed roll in our tent nice and dry watching the awesome lightning show and feeling the earth shake with thunder awaking in the morning to blue sky.

We managed to get the falls and waterholes all to ourselves before anyone else arrived. Is it really Sunday already???

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