Sunday, 4 July 2010

Bungling North

Possum took the wheel and in double quick time we were once again sitting around our campfire planning and burning the allocated firewood. It appeared an unpleasant odor had also followed us and an all out investigation revealed Amanda’s shoes to be the Culprit. We had no choice. Chris’s chair also had given unsatisfactory service and was sacrificed for the comfort of all.

The following morning we broke camp, resisting the urge to burn Chris and Jane’s tent. They did however use an unconventional method to remove their stuff and headed to the north end of the park. Mini Palms.

This walk was short only 5kms return and half in the shade. Well within the range of Amanda’s thongs.

From here we headed over to the planned lunch time viewing of Echidna Chasm which as I pointed out to the tourists resembled a giant vi _ _ na. I’ll let you be the judge.

After a little monkeying around waiting for the sun to get overhead it was time to leave the bungles.

Possum managed to leave the park almost uneventfully only having a mirror clipped once by on coming traffic. Damn tourists!!!

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