Thursday, 1 July 2010

To the Elbow?!?!

At about 11am approaching the full heat of the day we set of for the Trek up to the elbow.

Things started off well and we thought it should take 2-3 hours to reach our destination

Further and further we went, walking, walking, walking deeper into the Bungles.

Eventually something had to give. My thong came apart, Amanda’s too small shoes were giving her blisters (and didn’t smell too flash) and Jane’s heel was giving her grief. It was time to turn back. Did we make it to the elbow? Our bungle was we had no map but we did walk around plenty of elbows.

The scent of cold beer at camp guided us back to the car.

As the pace back was a little slower we decided to send Amanda ahead to crank up the air con in the car, with strict instructions not to touch the lollies.

The burning question for us all was did we actually make it the elbow? Google Earth research indicates not quite.


Anonymous said...

With the Elbow in sight my fellow explorers fell by the wayside claiming equipment and body failure !! I will return . The ELBOW will be MINE .....

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