Saturday, 23 October 2010

R&R at the Gili’s and Lovina

With the big climb finally over we decided to kick back at the Gili Islands for a few days. Sunset pools and cocktails here we come!

An overnight sail took us to Bali – Lovina Beach on the north side. Simon managed to catch his first Indonesian fish – a yellow fin tuna. What was once a throw back in the Kimberly’s has become a gourmet delight in Indo! After honing our traffic skills on smaller islands, we decided to brave the traffic and hire a motorbike for a few days.

Lovina was great – really quiet, not many tourists and heaps of outdoor attractions. We visited all the waterfalls, lakes and hot springs, coffee plantations and Simon even got up close to some of the wildlife.

With a rendezvous planned for 2 days time at Bawean Island with Moontan, our friends, Shaun, Karina and Keshi from Darwin we headed out to brave the squalls. Check out their blog for some tall tales on the high seas.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,
Tiff here, following your blog, had a little panic and hope your not near Pagai Island, but know you were near Gillis and thinking your probably still around there, sent email to hotmail did you get it? sent snaps of Hunter, Love Gillis, its my favourite ever,can you send me your email, my email is, hope this mail finds you both well. Big Hug, Tx