Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Bawean to Karimun Jawa - Attack in the Shark enclosure

The rendezvous on Bawean was celebrated with a lamb spit roast, champagne and cocktails. Needless to say none of us were in any state to leave the next day so we lingered, swimming and socializing in between preparations for our next passage to Karimun Jawa.

At Karimun Jawa we braved the Shark pool where we swam with over 20 sharks. Shaun was severely wounded by a massive, angry and vicious Triggerfish. He needed loads of TLC over the next few weeks to help him recover both emotionally and physically. Just between you and me, I think he was milking it for sympathy…

With the temptation of Malaysia so close, we set sail to the backdrop of a waterspout for a 2-day passage to Belitung Island some 270nm away. We now had 3 in our company being joined by the yacht Gadfly. It was great sailing in company, the support of friends when times are tough… One afternoon with the spinnaker up and a ship looming down on us that refused to respond to our radio calls, I could hear Moontan and Gadfly taking bets as to whether we would be taken out or not! With the engine in reverse, the spinnaker flapping, and the crew threatening mutiny we watched the ship pass by about 300m ahead.


Amanda said...

How calm were you - or not - when you were close to the big ship missed you by that much?!

Anonymous said...

Hi, My name is Carole and I am one of Corrina Ossingers sisters (Moontan.
We are all alot worried because we haven't been able to reach them on their satalite phone for the past couple of days and well, you can imagine how we are feeling with all that is happening over there. Please if you have seen or heard from Corrina, Shaun and Keshi since the 25th October could you let me know.
9476 1243
Thank you for your understanding.