Thursday, 4 November 2010

Crossing the Equator

The morning following our 9th wedding anniversary celebrations I was up at 5.30am packing the boat for our 7.00am departure to Gelasa. Not good. The Moontan Clan perhaps wisely elected to stay another day.
Once safely anchored and feeling better a plan was hatched to have a fire and cook some spuds with our most recent catch.

NZ Tim crew from Gadfly broke out his newly purchased BB gun. We all took shots at a plastic bottle placed on a rock over tea and somehow to all our disgust Amanda managed to hit it. It turns out it was shooting low and to the right. Fluke.

All fresh we headed off early after Gadfly traded biscuits for Squid with the fishermen. The plan was to head 2 days and a night to Bangka however with the good breeze and current we continued on doing the 3-day 2 night trip to Lingga instead. This put us only 30 miles from the equator.

“Last one to the Equator is a rotten egg” was the morning cry. Black beard Amanda broke out the Navy Rum while I had a Northern Hemisphere hair cut.

After Towing the boat over the line and Black Beards swim we anchored on the equator for some much needed refreshments.

Sloop not to be outdone decided to dress as a yellow Fin Tuna.

From our boat we watched the antics on Gadfly. Was that the White Whale we heard inhabited these waters?

In the end the excitement was too much for Black Beard. Or was it the Rum.

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Anonymous said...

What an amazing experience. I love Sloops outfit.....he doesn't look too fazed about his role.We love reading everything you write.