Wednesday, 3 November 2010


After just beating a large squall into Belitung we found a nice beach bar and celebrated our arrival safe arrival apparently missing the Tsunami and eruptions down south. I had some great tails of the Sailfish and Spanish mackerel I caught along the way.

Unfortunately that was not the only thing we caught. Somewhere along the way we hooked up a fish trap, the rope first catching on the depth Sounder before tangling and being chopped up by the prop. The Sounder has suffered a little, pulling away from the hull but still working and not leaking. Phew.

The following day was spent traveling to town to complete our exit Indonesia paperwork. We did however go via a pepper plantation, market, and shops in between our visits to Immigration, Customs, Quarantine, and the Harbor Master who we had to come back for as he was having his afternoon nap.

With all the formalities out of the way the next day the 8 of us formed our very own bikey gang. The Whitey’s. We let Trevor (crew from Gladfy) come being from NZ.

We visited some local hot spots after riding all over the Island sort of lost. The fresh water pools were a must, followed by lunch in town.

Still with a long way to go it was time to leave. The beer is too cheap here.

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