Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Farewell Indonesia

After unsuccessfully scouting the nearest village for a market we continued north past the many fishing platforms stopping firstly at Benan.

This village although a bit strange at first tuned out to really nice. Wherever we went the people kept pointing inland. Turns out the other side of the Island had a picture postcard beach that they wanted us to see.

I persuaded one of the kids to climb a coconut tree on my behalf, as I didn’t want to show them up with my climbing skills. He collected a few eating and a few drinking ones for us to try.

The next hop was to Panjang where a diver enthusiastically waved us away from the shore as we approached to anchor. The depth went from 15m to 2m instantly here. After anchoring safely in the channel he came over and we purchased half a bucket of Blue swimmer crabs. Dinner.

One more stop and then the time had come to test our luck in the Singapore Straights. Amanda distracted herself from the 260 ships showing on AIS by pulling down the flag.

Our method of pause and run worked well and in no time we were into the safety of the river.

I put up our relevant flags to the sound of machine gun and heavy artillery fire. Welcome to the Singapore Malaysian border.


laurie_lash said...

hi guys: following your adventure with great envy!!!! Have managed to complete most of my day skipper certification, so if we ever meet up again, I will know enough to understand the conversations!!! ....no, really, I am bound and determined to be sailing sometime in the future!!! ....hopefully I will do it as wonderously as you are....you are still an inspiration to me!!! xxx Laurie PS Tell Sloop the yellow-fin suit looks esp sexy on him!!!

SV Crystal Blues said...

Hi Simon and Amanda, Welcome to this part of the world. We met on Sydney Harbour many years back when we were all working and dreaming - we also have a Ganley (Crystal Blues) Have enjoyed your blog through Indo. Cheers, Ley & Neil

Amanda said...

Lucky you weren't wearing your pirate outfit, not sure the guys with guns on that border would have found that too amusing! :)

Jeff said...

Now that looks like one heck of an adventure.

shinta_sari said...

hhhiii :)

Anonymous said...

Just checked your site, Thanks for looking after my boat.. Merry Christmas - Diane & Bill