Thursday, 11 November 2010

Johor Bahru, Malaysia

1st Stop – Hit the Shops

Being a city slicker, I settled into life in Johor Bahru quickly and within a few days had scoured all the shops within a 20km radius. The wet markets were awesome – all the fruit and veges you can imagine and so cheap. They even had beef, roast pork belly and Chinese roast duck - heaven!

How do I know it was beef they were carving from those legs? The cow’s head was a dead giveaway.

2nd Stop – Marina Pampering

The marinas are so cheap here, we headed to the flashest one in Johor where we enjoyed long showers, air-conditioned club rooms, free wi-fi, 6 assistants to take us to the fuel wharf and a car and boat service to more shops.

Sloop was quickly up to his old antics with a trail of stolen goods along the docks. As we were leaving, the marina manager said, you should fill out a feedback form requesting pets to be allowed on the marina – oops!

Last Stop – Clear into Malaysia
Apparently wheels turn slowly here, so after a few days we were taken by the marina to clear immigration into Malaysia. While someone took my passport away to be stamped by immigration I lay back with a duty free beer and had a 30 cent massage!

With time ticking away and Simon growing tired of shopping, it was soon time to leave the shelter of the marina and take on the squalls of Malacca Straights.


Amanda said...

Looks like decent markets. I imagine you were in heaven!

So what good stuff did Sloop score for you this time? And how do I train Ned to bring me better gifts than the dead mice he currently gives me? :)

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